Guiding Principles of the TeleCONSENSUS coalition

The coalition's efforts will be guided by the following six principles:

  1. Federal telecommunications laws must be updated to foster innovation, expand consumer choice, spur investment, create jobs, enhance efficiency, and increase productivity.
  2. Telecommunications markets should be driven by consumer demand, advances in technology, and competition between telecommunications companies, while encouraging public safety, consumer protection, and access for people with disabilities, as well as other public interest goals.
  3. Universal service, which ensures affordable basic telephone service for all Americans and Internet access in the nation's schools and libraries, is an important national commitment and must be preserved.
  4. Government should not burden consumers with discriminatory or excessive telecommunications taxes, nor should obsolete regulations limit Americans' access to innovative services and choices.
  5. Consumer choice and private-sector investment should drive the deployment of high-speed Internet access into our communities.
  6. Additional spectrum should be allocated for innovative wireless services.

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